How it works?

The cargo42 simple method

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Shipment Request

Shipper inputs load details. Receives immediate quote and accepts.

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Carrier Search

Request is sent out to Carriers in the area.

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Carrier Acceptance

The Carrier accepts the request based on their availability, idle capacity and itinerary.

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Real Time Tracking

Both parties are able to track loads in real time.

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Fast Payment

Shipper pays online and Carrier receives payment within the next few days.

save money

Save Money

instante quote

Instant Quote

real tracking

Expansive Carrier Network

receive payment faster

Receive Payment Faster

increase in come

Increase Income

eliminate idle capacity

Eliminate Idle Capacity

  • As a SHIPPER I enjoy:

  • Immediate quotes
  • Real time tracking
  • Information throughout the whole process
  • Going paperless
  • Excellent customer service
  • Shipping on demand – request a shipment on my own schedule
  • As a CARRIER I enjoy:

  • Receiving load offers via our free mobile app
  • Increasing the income with new stream of revenue
  • Access to new customers
  • Higher truck productivity and utilization
  • Receiving money more quickly
  • Working on demand – accepting loads whenever I want with no commitments

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Take a look at our concentration of carriers in FL. There are trucks all around you. Ship with us!.

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