FAQ - Shippers

How can I ensure that your service is safe?

All the carriers in our network are pre-screened and approved by the Cargo42 team. We perform a compliance analysis committing to select only carriers who are regulated by the FMCSA and meet the industry standards.

Why do you show “Estimated price” in your system? Can my cost change after the booking?

If there is any mistake in the data input (addresses, load details, accessorial or schedule), your pricing may suffer alterations. Also, if there is long wait-time it may incur in additional charges.

Who provides the Bill of Lading?

You are required to provide the Bill of Lading to the driver at the pick-up point.

I have preferred carriers. Can I use them through your platform?

Our technology automatically offers your request to the carriers that suit better your order. However, if you have a preferred carrier we can prioritize as long as they are available.

How can I provide feedback about my experience?

After the drop-off is concluded, we issue a short survey where you can evaluate the carrier service and Cargo42’s system and support. Your voice is very important to maintain a high standard of selected carriers and improve constantly our processes and your experience.